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  • Almosta Video Diaries...Road to the Showpen!
    Thursday, January 26, 2012 / McKenzie

    Nothing is more exciting than the hopeful expectations that come along with training a 2 year old.  Our group of 2 year olds here at the Almosta Ranch is quite the crew!  We have the macho stallion, the stubborn gelding, and two sweet but naughty little ladies.  Jade Keller, who has worked here for many years, does most of the work with the young ones.  We thought it would be fun to follow this group through monthly video diaries, chronicling their progress and journey.  Jade will share their progress, honestly assess the challenges, and give helpful drills and training tips along the way.  It is guaranteed to be a roller coaster ride as these four youngsters come into their own and reach their full potential.  Is there a future star in this group?  Meet the cast of characters!

    Mister OMG 
    Barn name: "OMG"
    One Time Pepto X Sallie B Badge
    Chestnut Colt
    OMG is already a favorite around the ranch.  He is gorgeous and he knows it.  Watch out, ladies.

    Barn Name: "Pink"
    Peptos Stylish Oak X Rio Bud
    Red Roan Mare
    Pink is a cutie. She has a JK brand on her hip, so Jade has already picked favorites! She already has a pretty wicked stop and a sweet dispostion.
      She and Lily have already teamed up to rule the pasture.

    Blue Rooster Bayou
    Barn Name: Marshall
    Mecom Blue X Lucia Del Cielo
    Bay Roan Gelding
    I'm probably a bit biased, because he's mine...but Marshall is one cool little guy! He
    has a bit of a stubborn streak, but seems to be pretty laid back and enjoys a good ear rub.


    Dual Ya CD Olena
    Barn name: Lily
    CD Olena X Dualin
    Sorrel Mare
    Lily is Pink's parner in crime.  Both are a bit michevious, but sweet.  Any "How I Met Your Mother" fans out there? Well, Lily and Marshall were named after the two main characters on the show!


    So...who is your favorite? Our first group of videos will be up soon in the Team AD video library.  We plan to post every month so you can join Lily, Marshall, Pink, and OMG on their journey to the show pen!

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