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  • From the Judges Stand-Q&A
    Monday, January 23, 2012 / Bobby
    Hope everyone had a great Holiday, and that your show season is off to a good start.  I have had a few questions asked and I thought I would address them.  Hope they help!
    1.Showmanship- What does it mean from a Judge's point of view?
    Showmanship has many different meanings, but I think basically they all mean the same-to most Judges showmanship begins when your name is called to show your horse.  Be ready and don't wait to do all of your dry work in front of the Judges stand!! Have a well groomed horse, take note of your personal appearance and how you present your horse.  These things do have bearing on the Judge's opinion when he or she begins to evaluate your run. Always remember that you are there to please the Judge, they are not there to please you.
    2. Do you have any advice on showing on re-run or really bad cattle?
    I think it is important to watch cattle on re-runs or bad cattle not so much to pick the cattle to cut but to know which ones NOT TO CUT.  Have good corner help and always know when to option off and cut shape when your plan doesn't work.                                                                                                                                              
    3. What should I do when things go bad, such as losing a cow or incurring a major penalty?

    When this happens at a smaller show, schooling your horse is always an option. When you want to school your horse, always be considerate of the people that have to follow you in your class.  Cut a re-run cow to school on and stay far enough away from the herd not to disturb the cattle.  Most Judges will allow you to school if you do it in a manner that is not to rough or abusive, otherwise they will whistle you out and you will accomplish nothing for your entry fee.  I hope these answers have helped and we'll see you down the road.     ~Bobby Hunt


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