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  • Protege Profile-Rynde Thurston
    Saturday, February 25, 2012 / McKenzie

    My favorite part of Team AD International is getting to know our members.  I get to know our Protege members especially well, as it tends to be my job to make sure Al responds in a timely manner to video submissions, skill assessments, and emails.  Sounds easy, but if you have spent more than five minutes around Al, you quickly discover that the phrase "herding cats", could easily be replaced with "herding Als".  Many of our Protege members are working through the Accreditation Program, and eventually most of them will travel here to the ranch to complete the program, just like Rynde Thurston.  By the time she arrived, we had spoken dozens of times on the phone and shared countless emails.  I felt I knew her well, and I'm sure Al felt the same. By the time she left, it felt like she was a friend, and I know the whole crew here looks forward to her return. I am fully aware that most join Team AD International to advance their training skills and better themselves as horsemen.  I hope, though, that in the end, the relationships created through this program mean just as much. ~McKenzie

    Now....Meet Rynde!

    Name: Rynde Thurston

    Family: Husband of 12 Years-Todd, Two awesome boys- Oliver (8) and Hayden (5)

    Hobbies: Camping, swimming, and skiing...anything that gets me out of the house.

    Personal History and Background with Horses- I have ridden for 15 years, shown for the last 4, and attended lots of clinics, including Les Vogt, Corey Cushing, and Zane Davis.

    Horses Used in the Program- Banana- 5 Year Old Quarter Horse, Brandy-17 year Old Quarter Horse, Harrison- 2 Year Old Quarter Horse with 30 rides

    How did you learn about Team AD International? Facebook

    Why did you choose to participate in the Accreditation Program? I wanted to give myself a good, solid foundation in my training.

    What were your main goals? To become a better horseman and to have a good support system and coach.

    What was your favorite part of the process? The positive feedback and encouraging responses.

    What was the most challenging?  Being dedicated to film my rides, and being patient while waiting to hear if I'd passed a specific skill.

    Would you recommend this program to someone else?  Yes, yes, yes! It is great for any type of rider.  No one is a genius, and we can all learn something new!

    What are your goals or plans now that you have completed the Accreditation Program? To keep building on the knowledge I have received.  To ride, ride, ride, and be happy!


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